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Report on International Forum 2015, Canada (27 Oct-01 Nov, 2015)

It was a great honour for me to represent The National Award Authority of Bangladesh named The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Bangladesh as National Director and participant at the International Forum 2015 held within 27 Oct. – 01 Nov, 2015 in Toronto, Canada. Bangladesh had a contingent of two (02) conference delegates. Honorable Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Sayeeful Islam and I were representing Bangladesh in the International Forum 2015. I can say that it was truly an amazing experience for me and personally, I have now better understanding of the different vital components of the role of International Award Foundation and National Award Authority specifically things to be done onward.

aprmeeting2015torontogroupresizeThe Forum is the triennial meeting of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation to which National Award Authorities/Operators are invited. The purpose of Forum is to provide a means of consultation and discussion between Members of the Association. It enables the Foundation to discuss the development of the Award with Members of the Association, and to consult on new policies and plans. This Forum was inspiring and impressive one throughout our stay. I met  the World Leaders of the International Award Foundation including HRH Prince Edward, The Earl of Wessex, Mr. Gregory Belton CVO KCHS, International Trustee and Chair of World Fellowship, Mr. Garth Weston, International Trustee assigned for Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Paul Bell, International Trustee, Mr. Andrew Smith , International Trustee, Mr. John May, Secretary General, Mr. Stephen De-Wint, Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Gary Davis, Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Gareth Mitchell, Head of People Management, Mr. Tim Smith, Head of Operations, Ms Sue Walker, Asia Pacific Regional Director, the Global Shapers from Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Mediterranean and Arab States (EMAS) regions and discussed important issues and the potentials. We brain stormed about the necessity of innovation and how to expand the Award and motivate young people for doing the Award.


We attended the Opening Ceremony at The Hockey Hall of Fame and it was a casual fun event to kick off The Forum 2015. In first day we had a comprehensive Regional Advisory Board Meeting session to identify and manage regional report, licensing and validation and constitutional review session; International Council meeting to review action list and International Foundation Report, Secretary General’s Report; Delegate Introductions and Orientation; Constitutional discussion groups and issues which resolve to mandate IC to progress with the Foundation.


The second day started with Opening Plenary session. HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Essex handed over the Full Licence Certificate to me. I have received the Certificate on behalf of Bangladesh National Award Authority/Operaror. Then, we presented our review presentation on Learning Hub session. Return to Plenary where we discussed different issues of reviewing the journey so far. The day ended with a dinner and youth concert at Concert Hall, The Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

The third day started with Mapping the Future and Regional Meetings and Action Planning session, where we had the luxury of a day together focusing on the future. Mr. Sayeeful Islam, Chairman, The Duke of Edinburg’s Award Foundation Bangladesh delivered his motivational speech addressed Award expansion and growth, sharing the experience, resources and role playing in creating demand for the Award, increasing awareness of the value of non-formal education and promoting the Award as the tool of choice. The day with Group Partners had given us a chance to co-create the next chapter of the Award’s journey and informed the future direction. The interactive surgery sessions provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss key issues with senior members of the Foundation staff team. We discussed about our ambitions and aspirations for the Award, matter for cooperation between sub-region basis common social businesses.  The main outcome or learning was to know how to sharing the Award and its expansion worldwide. The Closing Plenary and International Council Meeting-2 session was held in the fourth day of The Forum and the session ended with a Gala Dinner at Royal Ontario Museum celebrating a week of friendship with colleagues and members of the Award Network.  Brief summary of sessions, learning from different sessions can be seen in the following pages.

Finally, I sincerely thank The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Bangladesh for its continuous support for nominating me to participate in the Forum for the growth of the Award in Bangladesh.


With kind regards,

(Professor Dr. Khondaker Mohammod Shariful Huda)

Detail Report on International Forum 2015, Canada (27 Oct-01 Nov, 2015)

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Regional Advisory Board Meeting: Chaired by Mr. Garth Weston, International Trustee. Ms. Sue Walker, Asia Pacific Regional Director opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Kapil, ND, India aroused the matter regarding validation without self assessment is similar to Conditional License. Review on 2014 Statistics. Regional Report, Licensing and Validation, Award Forum Agenda, Calendar and other business like Strategic Plan Headline Targets-NAO Reports, Digital Strategy, Travel Subside Policy/Criteria Review, Mentoring Countries and other Special Projects were also discussed.


International Council Meeting-1: Chaired by HRH Prince Edward. Chairman’s opening remarks, Approval of minutes and matters arising Review Action List, International Foundation Report- Secretary General’s Report, International Foundation Annual Report and Accounts, International Foundation 6 months Report, Licensing and Validation Update, Regional Reports and issues arising from Regional Conferences and Meetings, Context to Forum 2015, Constitutional Review Update, Operational Guidelines, IC report to Forum, Chairman’s closing and introduction of new IC Chairman.


Delegate Introductions and Orientation: Everyone has congregated at Ball Room. All the participants were divided into several small groups. Each group was led by one Staff from International Foundation and a Staff from CANADA Award/ Regional Award Office. Tim Smith from International Award Office led our group. He showed whole Fairmont Hotel especially the Ball Room, C Floor, Breakfast-Lunch Dinner Place of Lobby Floor and all the session rooms at MM floor all based on maps given. He also showed up different exit ways, Business Room and other facilities.


Constitutional Discussion Groups: Forum 2012 agreed that amendments were needed to the constitution of the Association. This Forum resolves to mandate IC to progress with the Foundation the form and content of such and MOU that will replace the constitution of the Association and will be adopted by the IC, on behalf of the Association, at the earliest opportunity after further consultation.


Opening Ceremony- Attended a ceremony at Hockey Hall of Fame- Toronto. HRH Prince Edward and Mayor of Toronto opened it jointly. Conference opening kickoff took place in the Hockey Hall of Fame. All the participants gathered in the Hall wearing the red hockey jersey sponsored by the CANADA Award. City Mayor along with HRH Prince Edward and Mr. Bolton welcomed all the participants.





Opening Plenary: Opening speech by Governor General and from Mr. Bolton (Trustee IAF). Presentation from Canada Award regarding preparing young people for tomorrows challenges- out of 70 countries 47 joined the forum. License handover- out of 70, 31 got full, 35 conditional. Meanwhile, HRH Prince Edward handed over the Full Licence Certificate to Bangladesh National Award Authority. After that HRH Prince Edward delivered speech about three points- Logo and Brand, Licencing; and Digital Tools. Research Impact Study and Sustainability of Finance were also discussed.


Learning Hub: Skype discussion with Rob Oliphant for two times regarding the Learning Hub issues and activities, responsibilities and review over all these, all information and working updates of Learning Hub were discussed. A presentation on Review on learning Hub was given in this session which mentioned and described about its potentiality that it can be an effective digital tool to support training and information dissemination, excellent platform to connect as a family and network.

Detail Report on International Forum 2015, Canada (27 Oct-01 Nov, 2015)

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Return to Plenary: Visions of the Future- This session was conducted by the great orator who had disseminated different issues and their potentials of the Award expansion through demonstrating life skill.


Dinner and entertainment provided by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award- Canada: Dinner followed by the Opera Music and other Traditional Cultural performances took place by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Canada.




Mapping the Future- Workshops: John Casewell and Hazel Tiffany

Speech of Mr. Sayeeful Islam, Chairman, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Bangladesh. The motivational speech addressed Award expansion and growth, sharing the experience and role playing in creating demand for the Award, increasing awareness of the value of non-formal education and promoting the Award as the tool of choice. Five important questions were aroused in this session that: What are our ambitions and aspirations for the Award? What does matter most in shaping our future? How does this affect the direction we are talking? What are the biggest challenges likely to be? How should we work as a collective for the goodness of the award? A long white board demonstration regarding the Award was displayed and elucidated.



Mapping the Future- Workshops: A 24 feet by 8 feet white board demonstration regarding the Award was drawn and described in participatory manner. Subjects/Issues were discussed can be found in the video.



Regional Meeting and Action Planning: Opened and welcomed by Chairman Garth Weston, International Trustee. Confirmation of Minutes of previous Regional Meeting. Mr. Sayeeful Islam, Chairman (NAA_BD) raised the matter for cooperation between sub-region basis common social business- Forum for Award Leaders, Forum for National Director, Forum for Chairperson, Skype meeting/session in regular basis, disclosed the Annual Report 2014. Action Planning for Regional Plan 2016/17 and Areas of Focus and Support and NAO Annual Reports were reviewed.





Closing Plenary: Direction was given by the HRH Prince Edward. Mr. John May tried to rape up the constitutional changes. MOU will be replaced by the other concept. Main theme of output was sharing all the resources among us.


International Council Meeting-2: Newly elected International Council Member from Bangladesh Mr. Sayeeful Islam joined the meeting. He will share the necessary issues in his convenient.


Closing Gala- Black Tie/ National Dress Event: The closing Gala took place at Royal Ontario Museum. The Museum itself carries heavy weight. The ancient dinosaurs skeleton remind us how the species gone. The session ended by the dinner with HRH Prince Edward along with Governor of the City Toronto.


13:00-16:00 Departure

(Professor Dr. Khondaker Mohammod Shariful Huda)