Report on Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Bangkok, Thailand (26-29 October, 2013)

It was a great honour for me to represent THE National Award Authority of Bangladesh named The Duke of Edinburgh Award Foundation, Bangladesh as newly appointed National Director and participate at Asia Pacific Regional Conference (APRC) held in 26-29 Oct, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangladesh had the largest contingent of conference delegates among the participants. Two honorable members from the Board of Trustees: Mr. M. Azizul Huq, Managing Director, Glaxo SmithKlein, Bangladesh and Mr. Sayeeful Islam, Managing Director, Concord Garments Group; three honorable members of Executive committee a) Ms Bitopi Das Chowdhury b) Prof. M. Manjurul Karim and Ms. Rumana Ahmed. All the members of the team played an active role in the conference. Returning on 30th, I can say that it was truly an amazing experience for me and personally, I have now better understanding of the different vital components of the role of national award authority specifically things to be done onward.


This conference was inspiring and impressive one throughout our stay. I met with the world leaders of the International Award Foundation Int’l trustees, Global Leaders, Technology Pioneers, Social Entrepreneurs and the Global Shapers from Asia Pacific region and discussed important issues and the solutions. We brain stormed about the necessity of innovation and how to expand the award and motivate young people for doing the award.


The idea of having a team of Executive Members in addition to the Board of Trustees to support the National Directorate Office here in Bangladesh was highly appreciated by the International Award Leaders, and having the support of Global Brands like SCB and GSK was regarded exemplary. In fact, other countries were inspired to find similar support from the reputed international and national brands working locally. The growth of the award here in Bangladesh was truly appreciated, however the uphill task for the national award office is to validate the Award program, to be done on or before April 2015 and date for validation was fixed on December, 2014 by the APR team, and hence a conditional license was awarded to Bangladesh in a Certificate-giving ceremony along with some other tens of countries. We also had a comprehensive risk-management session to identify and manage risks. Personally speaking, I, along with the honorable trustees and EC members had several informal session with Mr. John May, Secretary General of IAF, Mr Steve De-Wint, COO of IAF, Ms. Laura Thackray of IAF, Ms Sue Walker, RD, Mr. Rob Oliphant, RM and Ms Kathleen Hewitt of RAA. We discussed about possible threats for preparation of validation documents, they assured us to help by giving away the necessary templates by the end of this year. We had a brand briefing also. Brief summary of activities, learning from different sessions and road to validation can be seen in the following pages.


Finally, I sincerely thank The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation, Bangladesh for the valuable sponsorship I received for the participation, and their continuous support for the growth of the award in Bangladesh.

With Kind regards,

(Professor Dr. Khondaker Mohammod Shariful Huda)

Detail Report on Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Bangkok, Thailand (26-29 October, 2013)

Date &




Brief Description




Opening Session & Conference Agenda: Open & Welcome by Ms. Sue Waker

Overviews of IAF/IAA and APR region: We all are the member of International Award

Malta Forum Briefing: Mr. Rob Oliphant – IGE2014 in South Korea, IF2015 in CANADA

Conference Arrangements: by Kathleen Hewitt and Suzee



Secretary General’s Address: John May – Overview and Update/IAF Future Directions happiness, gallup index, helping young people-connecting award, 3Rs roots, risk and relationship, need to grow with quality, new entrants and gained, belief in power of award; Growth-credibility-protection-resource; strategic imparatives of NAA & IAA.


Branding and Communications:Laura Thackray, Head of Communications: Brand values: empowering, Diverse, connected, progressive

Monolithic and endorsed path; promote, provide and preserve; Brand centre



Digital Tools & Online Record Book (ORB) Orientation Mike Heath, Head of Technology Management; To reach more young people from diverse background, less damage of environment, less cost and secured data; CLOUD ORB Pilot – New Zealand


Overview Licensing and Standards: Process (Steve De-Wint Chief Operating Officer): legal protection of award name, logo, copyrighted materials, intellectual property, Franchising. Validation visit by April 2015 for new licensing and self assessment.




QA & Validation Introduction Validation – Sharing of Experiences Panel Session hosted by Steve De-Wint: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea and Singapore

Discussion on Validation Visits 2014



2013ional Board Meeting (Chairman Garth Weston Int Trustee)

Current NAA Initiatives and achievement highlights; NAA & IC Youth Reps Reports

Risk Management Introduction; IGE 2014 Korea presentation, Certificate Conferring



Collaborative Fundraising (Ellie Rocks, Senior Manager: Corporate Relationships)

World Fellowship – 75000 pounds and return to NAA 37500 pounds

Special Projects; direct action, program expansion, communication; Friends program



Sub-Licensing Overview (Steve De-Wint)

What is required and how this works in practice

To engage more organization in delivering of the program, permission to use award





Learning Hub/ Training Framework & Forum (JM, MH, Rob Oliphant)

Text, video and photo, face to face training, online training

Role of ND; Good governance, handle adult, creativity, monitoring and evaluation



Tools for Delivering Strategy (Peter Kaye Hon Advisor)

Strategic Plan (Process and implementation), Dashboard (KPI reporting), Governance and HR Policy Manuals, Orgn Structure, Risk Management



Open Forum and Action Planning

Schedule of Visits 2014; Bangladesh in December 2014 (DEA NIGHT)

Closing Comments – John May



1:1 Sessions; Brand Briefing – logo Monolithic Path, Logo, Letterhead Pad all approved by brand centre

ORB Demonstration in Bengali





Meeting with Officials of Regional Office and National Director & Ms. Bitopi Das

Validation check list will be send by Rob; Rob will send his visit report; appointment of ND, IT improve no usb, HR structure Child right, strategic plan, data base not updated