Editor’s Letter

Autumn greetings from the desk of the editor! The National Award Authority (NAA) of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Bangladesh is passing moments of truth for its preparation to appear at a validation visit made by the International Award Authority early next year. Meanwhile, the National Director will represent Bangladesh in the upcoming International Gold Event and Asia Pacific Regional (APR) Meeting to be held in Seoul in late October. Like yesteryear, I do hope the Bangladesh contingent will make an impact this year as well.


Truly, the  activities in different segments of DEA award shape the participants in a manner that they find themselves socially responsible. In other words, they find a way to discover their hidden potential. They take pride with their new-found skill when they see it touches lives of the people living in outskirts of the city. This Autumn Newsletter highlights a couple of stories that you will find inspiring. Happy reading!

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Editors letter

This issue of newsletter of The Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award (DEA) Foundation comes to you as greetings of Holy Eid-Ul-Fitr, Eid Mubarak from the entire DEA family. The DEA family is now extended beyond Dhaka and Chittagong, and we look forward to cover every corners of Bangladesh, and thereby aim to stretch the beauty of the award to the youngsters. Those who are already graduated with Gold Awards, an  Association for them have recently been launched; this will further create Award Leaders from them with a view to strengthening the Award philosophy to fresh entrants. The story of a Gold Award Holder, Farhana Meghami, as you find inside could be cited for example as we wish to create change makers for the society. The DEA office is now in full preparation to be validated and get full license from The DEA International Office early next year. Let‟s hope for the ultimate recognition. Happy reading!


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Dear Readers,
Happy New Year! We finished 2013 in style with global recognition of having conditional license to run the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Program as the National Award Authority (NAA) in Bangladesh. This was conferred in a Gala ceremony of Asia Pacific Regional Conference held in Bangkok in October last year. The Bangladesh contingent, being the biggest among the participating countries in the meeting made an impact to demonstrate their worthiness. Now, it’s time to prepare ourselves to achieve the full license in due course. In this Newsletter, we highlight this event in addition to the other activities done in September to December 2013.
Let me take the privilege of introducing the new logo of the International Award, as you see in its cover. May I also take the honor to welcome our new National Director, Dr. KM Shariful Huda, Professor of Geography and Environment, Jahangirnagar University? Professor Huda started his new found duties from September 2013. We wish him all the best.
Thank you for your support throughout 2013. In the end, I wish all the friends of The DEA Foundation a prosperous and stable 2014.

It is a matter of great pride that The Duke of Edinburgh‟s Award (DEA) Foundation, Bangladesh is publishing its inaugural Newsletter with a view to reflecting its activities, notable accomplishments of the awardees, news of partner institutions and many more to bring them together under a single umbrella. We aim to publish it on quarterly basis round the year. In its opening issue, we highlight recent modifications brought by the International Award Authority, open house sessions, launching ceremonies in partner institutions, certificate-giving ceremony, training sessions and workshop news.

We invite all awardees to share their lessons learnt during the course of the enrolment, their experience in  adventurous journeys for example, what will be a pleasure publishing. On behalf of the DEA Foundation, Bangladesh, May I take the privilege to extend my holy Eid greetings to all awardees, past and present and concerned stakeholders. Happy reading.

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