Getting an Award

Here is a quick overview to explain to you the process of gaining an Award!

  • Collect enrollment form from an Award Coordinator or Award Leader at your institution. Fill out the enrollment form and give it back to your coordinator/leader along with the Enrollment Fee  for every level of the Award. The Award programme is funded by our sponsors. This subsidized fee is a partial amount of expenditure that the participants bear themselves
  • Parental permission is required for the participants under the age of 18. Remember to fill out all the information required. Your coordinator will send the form to the National Secretariat and order your Activity Organizer and Record Book. You can only start the Award once you receive the Activity Organizer.
  • Fill in your details at the front of your Activity Organizer and start working on the Sections.
  • Decide on your Section activities – Discuss with your Award Leader/Coordinator
  • Set goals with your Assessors and decide which activity you will do for the longest
  • Let your Coordinator know who your Assessors are and what goals you are hoping to achieve
    Note: Your Coordinator needs to approve your Assessors
  • Start your Activities
  • Keep at your activities for the required time
  • Pursue your goals. Don’t forget to do your activities regularly approx. 1 hour/week
  • For your Adventurous Journey, do the required training, go on your practice journey(s) and do your qualifying journey
  • Remember to keep your Journal up to date and to keep your Assessors and Coordinator informed of your progress
  • Try to keep evidence.You may like to take photos, shoot video, record a sound track.
  • When you completed all your activities; your Award Leader will provide you a Record Book where you include all activities you have completed
  • When you’ve finished the requirements for your activities, get your Assessors to do your final assessment and sign off that Section on the Record Book
  • Note: You may finish activities at different times. Make sure you contact each Assessor at the time of completing each Section.
  • Submit your Record Book to your Coordinator
  • This is once all Sections are completed by both you and your Assessors
  • Await final assessment and sign off

Remember that if you have any questions at any time, you can talk to your coordinator/leader, check out this website or contact us for help.