How to become an Award Coordinator

Award Coordinators are the center of communication between an institution and the award directorate. He or she coordinates with all the concerned in his her institution regarding the award. He leads the award team.

Becoming an Award Coordinator depends on nomination of your institution and approval from the award office. However you have to be sincere and dedicated to the development of the participants through the award to sustain the status as Award Coordinator. You have to attend training before you play the role.

Role of the Award Coordinator

  • Point of contact
  • Guiding the award participants
  • Guiding the award leaders
  • Contributing directly to the national award office by maintaining close contact
  • Attending award related programmes

How to become Award Leaders

  • Nominations from the institution
  • Receiving formal training

Roles of the Award Leader

  • Guiding the award participants
  • Supervising the participants
  • Ensuring the quality of the award
  • Attending award related programmes

Benefits for the Award Coordinators & Leaders

  • Self satisfaction for contributing to the youth development
  • Involvement with international organization
  • Attending different programmes both at home and abroad
  • Professional development