More About Skills

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Do something differently to
develop a personal interest,
social or practical skill.

The Skills section provides the opportunity for a participant to either improve on an existing skill, or to try something new. The aim is to encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills. Participants should be encouraged to interact with people who are experienced in the activity.



Examples of Skills

  • Music - singing, learning to play an instrument, music event management
  • Sports related - sports officiating, umpiring/refereeing, sports ground maintenance
  • Arts and crafts - ceramics, embroidery, jewellery making, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography
  • Nature and the environment - agriculture, astronomy, bee keeping, conservation, fishing, forestry
  • Communication - film and video, languages, reading, writing, public speaking, journalism, website development
  • Games - billiards, snooker or pool, chess, darts, backgammon

“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skills.”

Wilbur Wright

Time Requirements

Award Minimum time If Service chosen as longest section
Bronze 3 months 6 months
Silver 6 months 12 months*
Gold 12 months 18 months**
* (non Bronze holders only or ‘direct entrants’)
** (non Silver holders only)

Impact and benefits

The specific benefits will certainly depend on the type of service chosen. Some benefits include:

  • Discovering new abilities and developing these or improving existing talents
  • Increasing self-confidence by successfully setting and achieving a goal
  • Developing time management and planning skills
  • Enhancing self-motivation
  • Interacting socially by meeting new people
  • Enjoyment