A very happy New Year’s greetings to all of the readers from the desk of Editors! The Duke of
Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Bangladesh has just completed a successful year, like wise
earlier. It is a remarkable milestone for the Foundation that it engaged 86 Award Units till
date under its Award operation in which 12 new Institutions throughout the year of 2016.
And, 164 participants from different Award Units were awarded with the Gold Standard
Certificate on December 05, 2016 at the residence of British High Commissioner to
Bangladesh. Besides, to secure 20% marginalized and/or at risk youth of the total
enrolment- The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Bangladesh has been working with
intense attention and over 200 marginalized participants completed their Award last year.
By the way, this issue will let you be familiar with the experiences from some of the
Awardees gathered together from their whole Award Journeys. Happy reading!

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