Why should you do the Award

Benefits of the Award Programme

A. Tangible Benefits

  • Worldwide Recognition
  • Helps in getting scholarships all over the world
  • Helps in getting preference in job market worldwide
  • Opportunity to attend different international programs both at home and abroad
  • Involvement with international organizations
  • International network of awardees
  • Experience to deal with people of different levels and cultures

B. Intangible Benefits

  • Personal discovery and growth
  • Self belief and self confidence
  • Social awareness and scope to involve in the activities of renowned social and charity organizations as part of the social service
  • Sense of responsibility to the self and to the others
  • Development of life skills-negotiation, Communication, problem solving, presentation etc.
  • Scope to Serve the community


Specific Benefits of the Award Activities

The specific benefits will obviously depend on the type of Service, Skill, Physical Recreation, Adventurous Journey and Residential Projects chosen by the Awardees. Some general benefits include:

Benefits of Service
• Learning patience, tolerance, and compassion
• Overcoming ignorance, prejudice, apathy, and fear
• Increasing awareness of the needs and problems of others
• Exploring and improving interpersonal skills and self-development skills
• Enhancing leadership qualities
• Trusting and being trusted
• Making a real difference to the lives of others
• Accepting the responsibility of commitment to others
• Meeting new people from different backgrounds
• Forming a lifelong habit of community involvement
• Enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction in helping others
• Being able to relate to others from different generations

Benefits of Skill
• Discovering new abilities and developing these or improving existing talents
• Increasing self-confidence by successfully setting and achieving a goal
• Refining awareness of one’s own potential
• Developing time management and planning skills
• Enhancing self-motivation
• Interacting socially by meeting new people and interacting with other people, often older, in a
meaningful way
• Improving employability by learning vocational skills
• Enjoyment

Benefits of Physical Recreation
• Developing a healthy lifestyle
• Improving fitness
• Increasing self-esteem
• Interacting socially, especially in a team sport, but also through meeting people with interest
in a similar individual sport
• Enhancing self-discipline, perseverance and self-motivation
• Experiencing a sense of achievement
• Raising awareness of the variety of opportunities available in the area
• Encouraging teamwork, if the activity is a team sport
• Enjoyment

Benefits of Adventurous Journey
• Working as part of a team
• Understanding group dynamics, the participant’s own role and the role of others in a team
• Enhancing leadership skills
• Improving planning and organisational ability, and attention to detail
• Learning to make real decisions and accept real consequences
• Obtaining a sense of achievement and satisfaction by overcoming challenges and obstacles
• Developing self-reliance and independence
• Experiencing and appreciating the outdoor environment
• Gaining the appropriate knowledge and skills to journey safely in that environment
• Exercising imagination and creativity by choosing their own journey
• Improving their investigating, reviewing and presentational skills
• Enjoyment

Benefits of Residential Project
• Meeting new people
• Experiencing an unfamiliar environment
• Building new relationships
• Working as part of a team
• Accepting responsibility
• Developing communication skills
• Developing confidence
• Showing initiative
• Learning new skills or enhancing existing ones
• Enjoying living and working with others