Why should you operate the award

The aim of education is to develop the human faculty. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award programme speeds up this development. It helps the participants to transform themselves into holistically developed individual human being. Running the Award brings benefits not only for the participants but also for the institution itself.

Benefits for the Institutions

  • Prestigious
  • Member of an elite pool
  • Collaboration among participating institutions
  • Develop academic standard
  • Exchange program with overseas award operating institutions.
  • Partnership with international organizations
  • Scopes for business development
  • Scopes for teacher development

Benefits for the Students

  • a. Tangible Benefits
    • Worldwide Recognition
    • Helps in getting scholarships all over the world
    • Helps in getting preference in job market worldwide
    • Opportunity to attend different international programs both at home and abroad
    • Involvement with international organizations
    • International network of awardees
    • Experience to deal with people of different levels and cultures
  • b. Intangible Benefits
    • Personal discovery and growth
    • Self belief and self confidence
    • Social awareness and scope to involve in the activities of renowned social and charity organizations as part of the social service
    • Sense of responsibility to the self and to the others
    • Development of life skills-negotiation, Communication, problem solving, presentation etc.
    • Scope to Serve the community.