About the Award

About us

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a non-formal education and learning framework operating in more than 130 countries and territories around the world, through which young people’s achievements outside of academia are recognized and celebrated.

It is our long-term ambition that every eligible young person aged 14 – 24 will have the opportunity to participate in the Award. 

The Award in Bangladesh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Bangladesh is a noble initiative of six national and multinational organizations to bring the world’s most prestigious award for young people “The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award” to Bangladesh.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Foundation Bangladesh is a non-profit organization that administers “The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award” in Bangladesh.

On 20 August 2008, the Award programme was initiated in Dhaka with 12 leading educational institutions. In the first month 460 students enrolled in the Award and started their journey toward exploring a better self. Since its inception, more than 23000 students from 105 leading institutions around the country enrolled in the Award to find their purpose, fulfill their passion and pave their way in the future world.

Bangladesh has achieved the status of National Award Operator within a very short time. The Award programme in Bangladesh is being operated with direct coordination and support from the Regional Secretariat in Australia and the International Secretariat in the UK.

How the Award works

The Award encourages young people to learn new skills, get physically active, volunteer within their communities and discover a sense of adventure outside the classroom. It offers young people opportunities that help them unlock their potential and be ready for their world, whatever that world may be.

Using the Award framework and with the support of adult volunteers, young people develop their own bespoke programme, as they work towards achieving the internationally recognised Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.