What is an Open Award Centre (OAC)? 

An OAC is an Award Centre without membership restrictions. It is a way for Participants to complete their Award when the Award is not offered at their school, university or local organisation. Some young people do not have access to organisations which deliver the Award, but the OAC can bring the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to you! It is also a useful way for participants to transfer their Award registration when leaving their school/club and are keen to complete their Award.

If you wish to discuss doing the Award through the Open Award Centre; then please email us: info.dofebd@gmail.com 

How to get started:

·        Registration: If your educational institution is not affiliated with us; then you can do the Award through the Open Award Centre. Please contact us through email: info.dofebd@gmail.com 

·        Determine what level is right for you: The Award is divided into three levels; depending on your age and experience, you may choose to start with Bronze and work your way up, or jump straight to Silver or Gold. Your Award Leader will be able to explain more about the three levels and their requirements.

·        Registration fee: Usually a small registration fee is required to cover the cost of logistics provided to the Award participants and related operations. To know the current fees structure, please contact us.

·       Plan your Award: Once you have registered, your Award Leader will help you plan your programme of activities. You should also receive a record book/access to an Online Record Book to keep track of your activitie